The Netherlands Embassy seeks to involve the private sector in development projects funded by the Netherlands as well as in projects of co-operating partners. The strength of these development programs is that they also function as a gateway for entrepreneurs. As such the Embassy is able to position Dutch knowledge and expertise to contribute to important issues in Bangladesh.

Netherlands Embassy

The Netherlands Government has been a development partner of Bangladesh since its independence in 1971. Since that period, Bangladesh has been one of the main recipients of Netherlands bilateral aid and remains one of the Netherlands’ foremost priority countries in the field of development cooperation. Moreover, Bangladesh has been added to the list of priority countries of our Ministry of Economic Affairs with whom economic and trade relations are to be strengthened.

Trade promotion and official development aid go very well together and the Embassy has been active to promote trade and investment in Bangladesh as well as incorporating an economic focus in their development program. Dutch development cooperation with Bangladesh focuses on:

  • water
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • food security

Within this framework, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands sees potential for Dutch businesses to contribute to private sector development as they aim to contribute to improving and sustaining governance, gender equality and the environment.

Economic services

The Embassy constantly looks for possibilities where the Netherlands can add value by bringing in Dutch companies, sharing their knowledge and expertise, and identifying investment and trade opportunities for the Dutch and Bangladesh business community alike. The economic team is able to advise Dutch businesses and entrepreneurs on trade related questions as well as advise on all issues with regard to setting up commercial activities in Bangladesh. Services include the provision of market information, validation of agents/potential partners, key market players or potential customers, establishing the interest of such contacts in working with the company and arranging relevant appointments.