Trade Missions

Dutch entrepreneurs about business in Bangladesh

Vicente Ariza Alcade

Company:       Maruboshi Europe B.V.
Position:         Manager

“We think we know everything, but our world is built in Bangladesh, especially when it comes to ICT software. During the trade mission I fell in love again with Bangladesh. I don’t just see the competitive prices and quality, but hard working people as well. It is ‘life changing’ to see how much these  people, whose life is not that easy, are committed. They get up in the morning, go into the chaos of Dhaka and subsequently arrive at the office and work on mega projects. Really impressive. I must admit that the cooperation between Nyenrode and the embassy went fluently during the trade mission. It was very well organized.“


Peter van Bergen

Company:       Budgetview
Position:         Director

“During the trade mission, I made many valuable contacts in a short amount of time and learned a lot about the local ICT market. Surprising for me to see how extremely fast the market and the infrastructure develop in the country. Within the field of ICT Off shoring there are many opportunities in Bangladesh. Moreover, the ICT sector is a sector that could give a significant impulse to the superb economic growth of the country. When it comes to the language and culture, Bangladesh is to me much more approachable than surrounding countries, even though the salaries are lower. The program of the trade mission was balanced and took everybody’s interests into account. The help of both Nyenrode Business University and the Dutch Embassy in Bangladesh was very valuable to me. The knowledge, local network and the willingness to share this knowledge and network were a huge support to us.”


Koen van Gils

Company:       Sound Results B.V.
Position:         Director

“For SoundICT, the highlight was without a doubt the signing of our joint venture at the Embassy. A direct and very tangible result of the mission. As we speak, our head of operations in Bangladesh is busy with the follow‐up meetings with companies that came on our shortlist in response to the trade mission. We expect that these will lead to c.a. four concrete cooperation agreements. Furthermore, there were so many beautiful business opportunities for SoundICT, that we now have the luxury problem of who we should pick first. The mission was very well prepared and according to me it went flawlessly. Nyenrode and the Embassy both knew how to keep the balance between facilitating and being there when necessary and staying at the background if possible.”


Loris Scarpa

Company:       Lisman Vorkheftrucks B.V.
Position:         Business Development Manager

“The trade mission ICT & Logistics was a no‐nonsense, business oriented trade mission. Custom made for medium and small companies. The preparation and organization of Nyenrode and the Dutch Embassy in Bangladesh were good and the mission was very result driven. Our objective was to map out the market and to get in contact with possible distributors. We talked to good and serious partners and the market looks rosy. Within six months we hope to sell our used forklift trucks to Bangladesh as well.“


Joeri van der Well

Company:       MyTi Beheer B.V
Position:         Owner

“Partly due to Nyenrode and the Dutch Embassy  I look back with a very positive feeling about the excellent trade mission. Thanks  to their combined energy, working method and expertise we were informed very broad and professionally about a variety of aspects concerning the Bangladeshi IT sector and doing business with Bangladesh in a short amount of time, with obviously much attention to the meeting of various involved stakeholders and potential business partners. Trade missions like this give you sort of a ‘jumpstart’ in the development of new international relationships and business opportunities. Eventually, it is up to the entrepreneur to create something sustainable, but due to this trade mission and the related willingness of both Nyenrode and the Dutch Embassy to support you in that following process, they give me the most important building blocks to lay a solid foundation.”


Roy Gerding

Company:       Datawatt B.V
Position:         Director

“The trade mission was very successful for Datawatt. Likewise because we already did business  in Bangladesh and now experienced how much a trade mission can contribute and how it can open doors, which otherwise would have been closed. Vitens Evides International, with whom we cooperated for the Water Operators Project and wherefore we  first met with  Bangladesh,  also shares this opinion. We especially want to mention the effort of Gintare Galvanauskaite, Lisette Blüm an Andre Nijhof, who have been very valuable for the succeeding of this mission.: